Saturday, September 24, 2005

What's cooking?

Hmmm....been busy in the kitchen, humming around and grabbing things here and there. Little bit of work from the KitchenAid, some rummaging through my spice drawer, and made this fine mess to the left. Tomorrow morning I'll finish it up and enjoy with Dan and the boys. Any guesses on what I'm making?

Also cooking this up with the Schaeffer Anne that was leftover from the lovely socks I just got in the mail. I weighed the yarn, compared ounces to yards on the label, then estimated that I have around 320 yards to play with. Should be enough for a very small shawl as long as the pattern is very open. Something easy to memorize that doesn't need edging would be perfect. I tried this pattern first, but wasn't sure how long the scarf would end up. Then I tried the Trinity Stitch which was perfect. Essentially one row of patterning with purl rows in between, open, and a pattern that doesn't fight the varigated colorway. I'm looking forward to seeing how this blocks out.

Stayed tuned for tomorrow, when all is revealed.