Friday, September 30, 2005

I feel a good ripping coming on

I love this stitch pattern. I ended up ditching the trinity stitch because it ended up rather three dimensional, at least in this particular yarn. Purling three together was also difficult because the three stitches were made up of a knit, purl, knit combination and didn't lie together well on the needle while waiting to be picked up together. So instead I went with a clove stitch pattern which looks practically the same. Lots easier on my hands and the resulting fabric lies much flatter. The colors are pooling a tiny bit here and there, but it ends up being a subtle mosiac pattern that looks very nice to my eyes.
So why on earth rip everything out?
Look at the sides of this shawl. Notice anything? I had decided that a 3 stitch garter edging would frame things nicely. It does. However, what I didn't know was just how much clove stitch stretches in all directions, especially in comparison to the edging. See how the sides and bottom pull inward? This pattern will look really nice blocked out as far as it can reach and that garter edge just isn't going to work.I do love the way the edging looks but can't think of any way to get enough stretch. So off to rip this whole thing out and start from a basic "k, yo, k" in one cast on stitch and go from there.