Saturday, May 13, 2006

House pictures

Want to see our new house? I knew you did! Here's the front, looking from in front of the driveway.

Second, the all important kitchen. Yes, you see granite on top of the counters and yes, the yellow is going away just about as soon as we get there. The electric stove will also leave almost instantly, to be replaced with a shiny new gas range.Then there's the dining area, which opens out onto the back yard. There is plenty of room for a really, really big table if needed for parties or holidays.Next up - the living room - wide, open, full of light, and much larger than it seems here. It also opens out onto the back yard. The lovely blonde on the left is our agent. Next comes the upstairs loft, which the current owners are using as a master bedroom. Lots of skylights. I think this will become a play area or bonus room for the boys to run around in. That border will be coming down as soon as I get my hands on it, the floral curtain as well. Finally, my favorite part - the back yard. It's HUGE! A little over a quarter acre, but the footprint of the house is pretty small, so it just goes on and on. The fenced area to the right is a dog run, and the yard wraps around the other side of the house far enough for a good sized garden. The first picture is what you see from the dining area and kitchen. I think we'll be spending a lot of time there. Can't wait until we move in on June 5th!