Monday, May 01, 2006

We got the house!!!

I've been waiting all morning by the phone, hoping to hear something, nervous as could be. I kept my cell phone on as long as I possibly could once I got on the plane, hoping for *the* call. Then 2:15 came around, time to take off, so I sadly shut the phone off. When the plane landed, I turned it on right away and quickly checked to see if there were any voice mails. None. Oh, well. So I called Dan to tell him I had landed. "Oh, good! By the way, we got the house." The call came through at 2:30, right after I'd gotten off the ground.

Escrow closes on June 2nd. We'll be in our new house by June 5th at the very latest :-D. I'm beyond happy right now.

The picture up above? That's the view from the front door :-)