Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kiri progress

I've been working on Kiri for a few weeks now. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth as I figure out this blasted pattern in such a teeny tiny laceweight yarn. Did I mention I have never, ever knitted lace before, much less on freaking dental floss? (though very nice merino dental floss) Think I've finally gotten it down - naturally, just as I'm almost finished.

This is a gift for my yoga teacher. It was supposed to be a happy-five-years-of-teaching present, but she is suddenly moving to Sausalito (Northern California) at the end of the month, so now it's a going away present. Her bon voyage party will be this Saturday, so I need to finish it FAST.

I just finished the last lace repeat and have started the edging - see?

I bought some sparkly clear crystal beads that will go on the tops of the scallops, I think. Might knit them in, or I might add a crochet edging to attach them. Haven't ever done beading either way, so this will be a learning experience. Should make the shawl a little sparkly and give it a tiny bit of counter weight, at least that's what I'm hoping for.