Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas, almost crunched

Woot - I'm just about done!

  • Finish knitting the Twisty Turns wrap for my sister. Block said wrap.
  • Finish the One Skein Wonder for the wee blonde curly haired one (and why on earth is that taking so long?)
  • Stare sadly at Dan's *almost* completed hat and hope that the last skein of Decadence arrives by Saturday so I can finish it in time. (The Decadence arrived on Thursday and I'm all finished!)
  • Buy knee and elbow pads for the boys to go with their new Razor scooters (shhhhh!)
  • Tell my dad that we're moving to Portland (this is a biggie - he's going to freak in a rather spectacular way and I have to handle it carefully, but do it before Christmas. Yeah, I'm calling him today.) (This went much better than I would have thought. He's not certain about the move and whether he'll get to see us much, but seems to be taking it well so far.)
  • Coat the Praline Chantilly (dessert for Sunday) with chocolate glaze.
  • Do the same with the layered dessert I made up for Dan's birthday dinner tonight.
  • Make chimichurri sauce for Dan's birthday dinner tonight.
  • Clean the house as best as can be done with two whirlwinds of chaos. Make a batch of Grandma's rolls for Sunday's dinner.
  • Caramelize apples for the salad course.
  • Get to the store Friday Saturday and buy salad greens and broccoli for the dinner.
  • Make beef stock for the jus to go with the roast on Sunday.
  • Wrap presents.
  • Make spiced nuts to nibble on Sunday.
  • Make lentil soup and bread for lunch on Sunday.
  • Make meringues and chocholate cookies for the small fry.
  • Make mashed potatoes for the preschool Christmas party on Friday.
  • Do at least an hour of yoga.
  • Finish getting stocking stuffers for Dan and my sister (the boys are covered, and yes, we do stockings for grown-ups!)
  • Sleep. (looks like this one is definitely happening this year!)