Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas least from the output of knitted gifts so far. This scarf is a long awaited thank you for Ryan's Speech and Language evaluator, a wonderful woman who deserves something really special. Made from Silky Wool in a simple lace pattern, it should do nicely in warm Southern California weather. I'll wrap it in tissue and send it off tomorrow.
These are for my sister in law who lives in San Jose. It actually gets cold there, so something warm and fuzzy will be a big help. The hat was made like Susan's pattern but subbing my own top down shaping (K1, M1 all around, then K2, M1 all around, then K3, M1, etc. until it's large enough). Knit up in Decadence, they came out really soft and luxurious.
OK, I had to try them on. Had to. May well have to knit up a set for myself after I'm done with Christmas presents. Now, on to the next scarf and hat set for my mother in law, then one for Dan. Meanwhile I'm almost a quarter way through a Twisty Turns wrap for my sister. Mindless knitting to make up, but the end result looks to be really nice.