Thursday, December 15, 2005

More knitting

First, another finished scarf and hat set, this one going to my mother in law. I know, I know... it looks just like one I finished last week, but they are a little different - see? This set is a little more refined, and the hat isn't huge (my mother in law has a normal amount of hair, unlike my sister in law who sports a gorgeous mane). The moment I finished adding a fringe I started on Dan's hat and scarf. Same yarn, but in a rich chocolate color. Oddly enough, it's a little softer than the blue. I can only imagine the dyes are different or some such thing. But soft and warm are perfect for Dan, the cold one of the two of us. Why is that, anyway? Every couple must have one warm person and one cold person, if only to balance out the universe in some way. At least that's my theory.