Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Buttons, buttons

Blogger is finally back up! I've been trying for days to get on and update on my foray into the Perfect Sweater, but I haven't been able to post. I've finished everything except the second front of the cardigan, which I'll admit I'm a bit worried about. I'm doing a self facing that will get stitched down like this:

Now, the end result should be really nice. I finished the "button" side of the cardigan and it's going to look very polished once I sew the edges down. The trick is I have to figure out where all the buttonholes are going to go now, before I start the second side, since the buttonholes will be worked as I knit. Finally got to the fabric store and picked out some buttons so I can arrange them on the finished side and see what seems to work. But I can't quite decide on which will look best. The sweater is quite plain, all stockingette, shaped a bit like a fitted jacket. It's a deep, slightly heathered forest green. I'll probably wear this all the time, so nothing too fancy. Which button should I use? Please leave your answer in the comments (couldn't get a poll to work correctly to save my life this morning). I'll send a copy of Mindful Knitting to a randomly selected commenter, so there's something in it for you as well :-)

PS - the metallic buttons are all an antique-y gold tone. The third button down is plastic and has various darker greens in it all swirled together. Hard to get the colors to come out well. Oh, and Dan's vote is for the leaf button. Still not sure where I stand yet.