Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sockapaloooza update

I finally got started on socks for my pal. Had to ponder a bit to figure out what would be just right for her, but I think these will be perfect. She's young, seems to have a lot of energy, likes bright colors, and is a fan of cabling. I've been eyeing the "Aran Sandal Socks" from Socks, Socks, Socks for a long time now, and what better color than bright red? The color in the picture is almost right - it's 4018 (Red) in Baby Ull. The yarn is a bit splitty and difficult to frog, but it knits up well, is superwash, and pretty soft to boot. Had to add in some extra patterning since I needed more stitches around than used in the pattern, but it all blends in well. I'm loving how the cables are coming out! The pattern goes all the way down the heel so there's a flash of pattern if you wear them with open backed shoes. Much fun.

Oh, and the needles are a custom job, which is why they look so uneven. A few years ago, my grandparents moved out of their house to assisted living and had to get rid of a lot of their things. My Grandma was an incredible knitter. She's the one who taught me when I was little, who stood by while I made clumsy row after row, who helped design a special bonnet for my baby doll (who had gotten a rather odd punk haircut when I was three). Unfortunately, she had a series of strokes that made her unable to really use her hands at all, so no more knitting. She gave all of her knitting supplies to me, a gesture that made me cry just a little. I took all of the yarn she had kept, sorted it out into light, medium and dark colors, and made an afghan out of three strands held together, plain garter stitch. I wanted something that she could touch and hold against her cheek, something to remind her of all the things she had so lovingly made and most of all something that would keep her warm and let her know how much I cared. She cried when I gave it to her, too. The needles were made by my Grandpa years ago out of plastic straight needles. He snipped off the ends, sharpened them into points, and filed until everything was smooth. These needles aren't the best: they bend, one is a bit too short, and they aren't very strong. But I feel like I'm sharing something special with my Grandma, and that's enough for me.