Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I know three things about

Today my oldest was doing the ever dreaded homework, and we got to this week's "journal" page. "I know a lot about _____", it read. Then, down below, were three large squares so each child could share three things they knew about whatever the subject was.

He struggled mightily on what to write about. "Hmmm....you know a lot about cooking", I offered. "Yeah, but that's not very cool." Ah, the priorities of a seven year old. Long gone are the days when he wanted to be a chef when he grew up. Finally, he settled on something really cool that he knew a lot about: Oregon. His face lit up as he talked about how it snows there sometimes (as a lifelong resident of Southern California, the idea that it actually snows somewhere at all is magical to him). Then he wrote that his cousins live there. Actually, my cousin lives there with his wife and two girls, but Ryan refers to all of the smaller children in the family as cousins. Can't remember if that makes them first cousins or what exactly, but I guess he's right.

And thing-he-knows-about-Oregon number three?

"I'm going to live there."