Friday, April 21, 2006

At least I'll get a lot of knitting done

Just call me graceful. Yesterday I was all set to touch up the trim in the upstairs bathroom so the house would look just that much nicer. I had a gallon of paint in my hand, ready to roll. Unfortunatly, the lone step in the garage proved far too much for me, and I fell forward, twisting my ankle underneath me with an alarming crack as the can of white paint spilled all over the garage floor. As the boys were still at school, I let loose a loud expletive that won't be printed here (hint: it rhymes with luck, something I didn't have at the moment). Oh, and naturally there was someone coming to look at the house later on that day.

Looked around for somewhere to put the dripping can of paint, and thankfully found a drop cloth nearby. Then I grabbed the shoes (we're all barefoot in the house, trying to keep the carpet clean) that were now covered in paint and hobbled over to the kitchen sink to wash them off. Didn't even want to think about the spreading pool of paint right where buyers would open the door to the garage. Or the fact that I couldn't even touch my foot at this point without screaming. I called Dan and asked him to come home from work, since there was no way I could get to a doctor on my own at this point.

Got the shoes mostly clean, then grabbed a bag of frozen corn from the freezer only to have kernals fly all over the living room. Reminder to self: seal partially opened bags of frozen vegetables in the future. Rustling around, I found another bag, then hobbled over to the couch and put my ankle up.

After much fun trying calling my doctor (no appointments or walk-ins today), our insurance company (who instructed us to go to an Urgent Care that was covered by them), and several Urgent Care places (to see if they had X-ray), we found somewhere to take me. Looks like it isn't broken, but the sprain or whatever happened is really bad so they made me a splint and got me crutches. I'm under strict orders to put no weight at all on that foot until Sunday at the earliest, and that's only if the foot suddenly feels much, much better by then, and that would only to very gingerly put a wee little bit of weight on it. Got sent home with some Darvocet (lovely, lovely stuff that makes life blurry, but takes most of the pain away) and some Ibuprofen for the swelling.

The bright side is that I'll be getting LOTS of knitting done, since that's one of the few things I can do while stationary. The bad news is that buyers are going to have to wander through the house around me and my splint, at least unless I can manage to get outside and sit for a while when peopole come to look. Wonder if this will up the price due to pity?