Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Grand Central Station

My house has become a zoo.

We officially went on the market on Monday, and since then we've had people knocking on the door and calling constantly to come see it. At least one of the buyers is very interested, and our Realtor thinks we'll start getting offers by tomorrow. I'm just sitting back, amazed at the response. Especially since the house is listing for far more than we thought we'd get - and our Realtor says the listing price is low and will most likely go up in a bidding war!

The icing on the cake? Dan's company wants to keep him on as a full time contractor, telecommuting and flying out one day a week to work with customers and do hands-on stuff. So no worries about finding a job there in the immediate future, and we'll have money coming in from day one there.

Everything is really coming together to make this happen. It's like we were supposed to move . Now all that's left is finding a house in Portland that we love, which will hopefully happen when I fly out next weekend. Wish us luck all around!