Monday, April 24, 2006

Best foot forward

Finally, more of an update on my Sockapaloooza project....which is supposed to be finished and sent out next Tuesday. Um, I'm thinking I may be a little bit late on this one. All the cabling on the Aran Sandal Sock, plus such a small guage (smaller than the pattern, so I had to add in quite a bit of extra patterning to compensate) adds up to a knitting black hole. The good news is that since we're done with all the remodeling, all I really have to do in the next week is knit (oh, and find us a house. Small, unimportant detail, that.)

I am loving this pattern, and will be making up a pair for myself next. I love how the pattern goes all the way down the back of the heel so there's plenty to look at if you happen to wear clogs or Birkenstocks. The color is bright, but perfect for a wee flash of something different peeking out from the bottom of a pants leg.

My ankle is healing. Off the crutches now and I can drive, though it hurts to do very much driving or walking around. I'm trying to take it easy and wrapping my ankle to help protect it a bit while everything knits back together. Thanks to all for the good thoughts.

House news: we've gotten two three offers! Looks like we'll be out of here in 30 days. I leave for Portland this Friday night and will spend the weekend house hunting. Our Realtor there has sent us a bunch of houses to ponder in the meantime, and they all look wonderful. Now for narrowing things down and making an offer.

We should be in Oregon by the end of May. Can't tell you how happy this makes me!