Friday, July 08, 2005

And there was much knitting

I'll start off with my poor, long neglected Kiri. By now I have the pattern memorized, so it's pretty simple knitting. I've been saving it for taking along to the doctor's office (had a bit of that lately), car rides, and other places where something more intricate wouldn't quite work well. Though progress has been meager, it is getting bigger, slowly but surely. Looks like I'll need another skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock to finish it up. This offends my ever frugal soul, but I dearly love the colors and the pattern. Besides, I will most likely wear the shawl many times, thus decreasing the overall cost per wearing until it is almost a bargain. At least that's my current rationalization. Note my youngest who really, really wanted to "help take pictures, Mommy!"

Next is this amorphous white blob. Will it be a hat? A broach? A pteradactyl? Any guesses?

Last, but certainly not least, is my first sockapal2za sock, almost three quarters of the way done. The top, one side, and half the heel are done, and I'm up to row 73 out of a total of 96. It's starting to take on a rather sock-ish shape thanks to short rows and increases at the point of the heel area. I decided to make the sole and heel area flat stockingette rather than continuing the seed stitch as the pattern directs, since it seemed rather bumpy and uncomfortable if worn with shoes. Also gives me a nice stretch of plain knitting, which is a welcome relief at the end of a row. I have loved watching this sock emerge - it has been very unlike making a sock from the top or from the bottom. I'm tempted to try making up slippers in a similar fashion. Why? Because I can.