Thursday, July 21, 2005

Peace out

Look what came in the mail yesterday! Some lovely Peace Fleece in Kamchatka Seamoss. Isn't it beautiful? I was the lucky 6000th commenter on Norma's blog, so she sent out goodies. I knitted up a swatch last night (see how much I love this yarn? I even swatched!) to find out what it does when it's been washed. I had heard that it softens and blooms quite a bit. This would be a good thing, since the yarn was a bit rough at first. I also wanted to see what happened to the colors. It isn't obvious in the picture, but yarn is heathered with all kinds of subtle color changes, rather like the color of waves or moss.
It knitted up easily and quickly, then into the sink it went with some Dr. Bronner's. Even as I was washing it started to open up and soften tremendously. The 30% mohair made its presence known as a slight fuzzy halo over the increased softness of the yarn. The color might have gotten a bit lighter and brighter, but there isn't much difference. I ended up with a guage of 4.5 stitches/inch and 7 rows/inch. Wondered if I could get away with a Rogue out of this, but the fuzz factor would diminish the cables too much. I'm thinking a matching hat and scarf, something with a good amount of texture to really show off the color and softness of this lovely stuff. Thank you, Norma!