Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The first day went well

"Mom! I have my own desk where I can sit and put all my stuff and no one can touch any of it!" Wee bit protective about the stuff, my boy is. He also loves the classroom rules: "keep your arms, legs, and butts to yourself!" This is naturally said with a huge grin and a giggle. I'm pretty sure the word "butt" is his own six year old interpretation. Smart rule, though.

So far, the last two afternoons have been really hard. Last year it took about a month for him to get used to Kindergarten and the new structure and become more calm. Hoping it takes less time this year. In the meantime, I'm working on filling the afternoons with activities so there isn't a lot of time to fall apart. If we can all just hang in there for a little while, everything will be better soon.

My heart and head keep going back to New Orleans and the tragedy unfolding there. Suddenly everything going on in my life seems trifling by comparison. We have a home, we have all of our pictures and favorite books and stuffed animals, we are all safe, and we know where we will sleep tonight. All great blessings that I wish for those hit by Katrina.