Saturday, August 13, 2005

Local produce, part II

Today was much easier than last week. I knew just where to go in order to get (hopefully) all the produce we'll need for the week. Pomona farmer's market it was. This morning wasn't as brutally hot as last weekend, so there was little wilting among the plant life or the shoppers. Dropped by a French Bakery stand and grabbed a pan au chocolat to share with the boys when I got home, then went looking for fajita fixings, things to munch on, and likely vegetables for dinners later this week. Lettuce was abundant and looked really good this week (lower temperatures helped, I'm sure), so I got a huge head of leaf lettuce for salads. I found long beans which I just love and snatched them up with glee. Summer squash also looked delicious - not sure what I'll do with that yet. There were also farm fresh eggs for $2.50 a dozen. Not cheap, but not that bad, either.

The boys asked me if someone had painted the eggs, then got excited and pointed out that these eggs were just the same as the ones in Two Eggs, Please. They quickly pointed out that the insides would look just the same as eggs that were white on the outside. It's such a sweet little book - characters come into a diner one by one, each ordering two eggs cooked in a different way. Then cut to the chef, who holds up one white egg and one brown egg: "different." Then he cracks the eggs into a bowl, and we can see: "the same." All the diners sit down to eat, noting that their orders are "different, but the same." Good lesson for anyone to learn - that we are all different, but the same in many ways as well. The world would be a better place if everyone learned that lesson.