Sunday, August 21, 2005

Local produce, part III

Today's haul from the Pomona Farmer's Market. This time, I'll list what I'm doing with everything (clockwise, starting at the top):

*sandwich rolls - base for grilled vegetable sandwiches and again to make Grinders later in the week (OK, it's not produce and I'm sure the ingredients aren't local, but it was prepared close by)
*cauliflower - roasted with turmeric, garlic, and mustard seeds
* red cabbage - shredded for use in salads, base for a Asian-style slaw with peanut sauce
* carrots - snacking, shredded to go in salads
* celery - snacking
* radishes - sliced for salads, enjoyed with some sweet butter and a bit of sea salt
* red onion - part of roasted vegetable sandwich later in the week
*tomatoes - sliced and placed in Grinder sandwiches
* broccoli - steamed and served with salt, pepper, and a bit of butter
* red seedless grapes - popped in the mouth, sweet bite by bite
* eggplant - another part of the roasted vegetable sandwich
* red bell peppers - also roasted and used in above sandwich (which is pure heaven)
* leaf lettuce - salads and sandwiches through the week