Friday, August 05, 2005


I've been a bit lax in collecting mail this week. The mailbox is waaaaay down at the end of a long walkway, and it's been so freakishly hot that all I want to do is cower in air conditioned slpendor with a tall glass of cool water in hand. Besides, who needs more bills and junk mail, right?

Well lookee here - what's this?

Knit and crochet patterns (there's a quick pattern for wee mouse slippers that may well need to be made immediately) and a moose in a party hat. The moose completely cracked me up. Party on, Canada! Hope your 138th birthday truly rocks.

....but wait....there's more! With every moose postcard you also recieve, completely free of charge, not one, not two, not five, but eight handmade stitch markers! As a special bonus, if you call now you will also get a stitch holder absolutely free of charge! This is a one time only special offer brought to you by random acts of kindness and the lovely Canadian Sandra (aka wyldeyez).

This completely made my day. And there's a quick pattern for animal slippers that may well need to be made immediately.