Saturday, June 04, 2005

Branching Out is blocked and ready to go

I enjoyed the Silky Wool yarn as I was knitting, but blocking made it even softer and silkier. I love how you can really see the pattern and how light and airy it became when stretched out a bit. The color is a bit heathered, which adds to the overall charm and hopefully will make it more wearable for the intended recipient. It's a bit more casual in feel than something fuzzier would have been, which is perfect.

Almost finished with Dan's remaining sock, too. I'd hoped to eek out the second sock without dipping into a third skein of wool, but no dice. Halfway through the toe the yarn petered out. Here's where I admit to shortening one sock and hoping it would stretch - maybe Dan just wouldn't notice? Sigh. Yes, I really am just that frugal.