Monday, June 27, 2005

Today is another day

The socks are still set aside. Haven't decided yet whether I'm going to keep trying to find a pattern that works against the pooling, or give in to the will of the yarn and just let it happen. Admittedly, I'm a pretty serious control freak so the concept of pooling makes me feel like jumping out of my skin. Or maybe it's that perfectionist bent. Either way, that yarn is getting a well deserved time out.

I glanced over at Kiri II, picked it up, then realized I'm a bit burned out on the pattern for the moment. The leftover laceweight from Kiri I has been taunting me for a while now. There's enough for a good sized scarf, if only I could find the right pattern. Something airy, with enough detail to keep me interested. After looking all over the web last night I didn't find anything that would work. I toyed with buying more yarn so I could make this lovely red shawl, but that ball of white yarn kept taunting. Surely I could put something together that would work?

I've been charting and reworking the numbers off and on today (note to self - chart in pencil next time!) . The start has been knit, ripped, re-knit, ripped, and knit again. Both boys are sick enough to be home and grumpy and in need of entertainment and mom close by, which is reason enough for mistakes, but my counts were off again and again, I think because I didn't take the increases in one part of the pattern into account. Once I figured that each row wouldn't be the same stitch count, all was well.

It's not much, but now that I've figured the stitch counts out, things should go more quickly. As maddening as working this all out has been, I enjoyed the bit of challenge involved. Nothing like a little mental exercise to clear out the cobwebs, eh?