Thursday, June 09, 2005

Distraction knitting

Meet Stripedy Scarf, named by my four year old son Arden. I needed something mindless and simple to work on for a little while, and this fit the bill nicely. This one is going to his favorite preschool teacher, Miss Farrah. No real reason other than she is amazing and I wanted to let her know just how much we appreciate her. Arden keeps checking to see how long it is, and feverishly counts the stripes one by one. He seems convinced that "ten" is a magic number, therefore the scarf needs ten stripes. Hopefully we can discuss lengthening it - otherwise it will be more useful as a pocket hankie.

Distraction was needed because today I am mother to a 1st grader. This is odd and bittersweet enough (how can I be old enough to have a first grader for a son?), but Ryan is falling apart at the prospect of no more school for the summer. He has Asperger Syndrome, a milder form of Autism, and changes of any kind shake him up immensely. Not only did his classroom look totally different today (big trigger for him - we've learned that moving the furniture leads to three days of horrible behavior every time), but tomorrow he won't have the same schedule, the same teacher, even be in the same room as every other Friday in the last nine months. He sobbed all the way home, and curled up in a ball for over an hour when we got home today. I went out with the boys and rented a movie (Iron Giant), and we've been curled up on the couch and watching together since then. Popcorn for them, popcorn knitting for me.