Monday, June 13, 2005

Important dinner plans

Ryan, my six year old, has his first week of summer vacation right now. Next week he starts a summer program "with robots, Mom! And we're building rockets!" Needless to say, he's a wee bit excited. But first we must get through this school-free, schedule free week.

Today's plan: make dinner with Mom as sous chef.

Pizza: "It needs to be really big, and I want to make the sauce. Can we grow tomatoes for the sauce? I think it should have cheese, too."
Salad: "There should be lettuce and some bits of celery, and definitely cucumber, and then it should have carrots grated into little pieces. Can we make some of that really good salad dressing, the one with the soy sauce in it?"
...and for dessert...
Cake: "I want to make vanilla cake, not icky chocolate. Maybe we should put something on top. Can we put blackberries on top of the cake? I think there should be blackberries."

Ryan is donning his apron and we're getting ready to make the pizza dough together. He is sorely dissappointed that our tomato plant doesn't have any ripe fruit to go into the sauce, but I think I managed to convince him that canned tomatoes will also work. Bought some blackberries for the cake, and we're all set to go. Pictures later!