Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Patience is a virtue...

...that I do not have. Dan was supposed to have his Annual Review yesterday. You know, where your boss sits you down, goes over job performance during the last twelve months, then gets to the good part: did I get a raise? Note I said this was supposed happen. What occurred instead was Dan madly racing around trying to find parts for a computer enclosure that was supposed to be drop tested that day*. Dan's boss was leaving town later in the afternoon, so there wasn't time to do more than pass on the highlights: he's getting a promotion and a raise.

What would your first question be?

A) How was the drop testing today?
B) Did you get all the parts you needed?
C) How much of a raise are we talking about?

I'll let you guess my response. Here's where things get strange for me. Dan's boss didn't give any specifics at all, other than saying, "we think you will be very pleased." Oh, and they'll go over all the details when he gets back from his week. I expressed mild shock here (all right, I swore like a sailor here - same thing). Dan shrugged and said he'd find out soon enough.

Me: But, but...doesn't that bother you? Don't you want to know how much you're going to be getting? What about your promotion - aren't you just a little bit curious?

Another shrug.

Dan: The money is going into my next paycheck, so we'll be getting it regardless of when I find out how much. The promotion is just a title change, and I'll find out that next week.

Me: But that's like giving you a really shiny box, telling you there is something great inside, then setting it up on a high shelf so you can't open it for a week. That would KILL me.

Dan: Well, I'm getting the raise and the promotion regardless, so one week won't make any difference.

I give up. Anyone know how I can learn to be patient? Really quickly?

* Drop testing involves taking highly technical equipment and dropping it from a specified height in order to see if it stops working. Yes, they actually pay my husband to drop stuff highly expensive computer gear, and yes, he vastly enjoys this process.