Thursday, June 02, 2005

Many miles before I sleep

At least it feels that way. I love the way this scarf looks, love the yarn, love the color. But for some odd reason, it never seems to get any longer. The ball of yarn *is* slowly getting smaller, but there seems to be very little difference day to day. I have finally gotten the lace repeat down, so there is no more looking at a rumpled sheet of paper to find out if the next stitch is a yarn over or perhaps k2tog (mental note: next time, copy the directions and put them in a plastic sleeve like a good anal retentive, already). I need this finished by next week. Should be easy to do, if the pattern didn't seem to bend time and space all on it's own and refuse to get any longer, ever, thank you very much. I'm seeing a battle of the wills coming here.