Monday, October 31, 2005

Ah, there's nothing like a hoarde of small children hopped up on sugar

Today was D-day. In the last twenty-four hours I:

  • Bought construction paper, feathers, tacky glue, googly eyes (surprisingly hard to find), a long adhesive magnetic strip, and clothespins.
  • Cut out 28 rectangles out of orange construction paper (to go along with a reading of "The Little Orange House")
  • Planned out a ghost finger puppet craft project (teacher handed me white felt and ribbon and said, "you can make some kind of ghost puppets with these, right?")
  • Cut out 48 felt ghosts
  • Cut out 24 orange ribbons for the bows that went on the ghost puppets.
  • Tied and trimmed 24 orange bows for the ghost puppets.
  • Made up a sad sample around midnight.
  • Traced out 24 mask shapes from orange construction paper.
  • Made up a pathetic sample around 1:00 am.
  • Painted 24 clothespins black.
  • Drew out bat wings (teacher handed me a bat magnet and said, "can you make up something like this for the Halloween party craft?" I stupidly said yes. Then I lost the bat so this one's all my own.)
  • Cut out 24 sets of bat wings from black construction paper.
  • Cut 24 strips of magnet for the back of the bats. Have to have something to hang on the refrigerator door, you know.
  • Cut 24 lengths of narrow orange ribbon for the bat magnets.
  • Tied and trimmed 24 orange bows for the bat magnets.
  • Made up a not entirely pathetic sample bat around 2:00 am.
  • Got to bed by 3:00 am - at least I beat the sun!
  • Made cheese dip for my youngest's Halloween party.
  • Got both boys to school and stayed at the youngest's party long enough to play musical chairs twice.
  • Went back to Michael's to get orange construction paper for the jack o lanterns.
  • Picked up youngest at school.
  • Ran the Halloween party for 20 first graders, 3 younger siblings (all four years old), and a darling 5 month old baby girl.
  • Somehow managed to run all the children through four craft stations without anyone gluing themselves to anyone else or loss of life and limb.
  • Served humongous cupcakes, juice boxes, and chips to the above mentioned children (aside from the baby who was quite happy with breast milk, thank you).
  • Distributed goodie bags to 20 first graders while assuring the siblings that their bats, jack '0 lanterns, ghosts, and masks were really lots of goodies and just as nice as the goody bags. Honest. Only a few tears here.
  • Managed to maintain my sanity. Mostly.
...and we haven't even done Trick or Treating yet.

I'm doomed.

Oh, and can I just say publicly, for the record, that 89 degrees is too freaking hot for Halloween? Just had to get that out.