Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Halloween sucker

That would be me. Somehow, in a rash moment that I don't in any way recall, I signed up as "room mom" for my eldest's first grade class. What does a "room mom" do, you ask? Set up all of the holiday parties...parties full of small, sugar crazed jumping people who are unable to follow any kind of reason, being six and seven years old, the lot of them.

Today my eldest's teacher called me in to the classroom to discuss the upcoming Halloween party. Why oh why did I feel like somehow I was in trouble? I swear, suddenly my knees were covered in scabs again and I was wearing gauchos and eating pop rocks (yes, I am dating myself here). The time warp ended abruptly when I realized that his teacher was talking to me as a peer. Exactly how and when did I become a grown-up, again?

So, off to party planning. She wants the class split up into four groups, which means 4-5 kids per group. Each group will work on one of four stations at a time, rotating each fifteen minutes to the next station. After an hour of this, all will decend on juice and snacks before barreling out the door at 2:40 in their costumes.

The stations are all craft related: they will be making masks, colorful bat magnets, ghosts, and jack o lanterns. I need to round up volunteers for each of the stations, get the snacks, and decorate. Oh, and set up all of the crafts, making examples of each, cutting out bats, getting googly eyes and feathers and magnets at the craft store, eighty total projects if you look at em individually. Did I mention yet that his teacher will be gone from tomorrow afternoon until Monday night? And that the classroom might be moved to another location this Friday but no-one knows?

I am the consummate masochist. This is proof.