Saturday, October 15, 2005

Much laciness

Here is the trinity shawl, up close and laid out flat. No edging on the sides, so there is no pulling in to deal with - it

was worth frogging, even if that set me back quite a bit. To the left you can see how open the pattern is, even before blocking. It will be much airier once stretched out a bit, I think. The way the colors are hitting reminds me of a Monet painting with all the lavenders and purples hazily transitioning from one shade to the next. The overall effect is really lovely.

This is a new scarf in Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool, color #20 (teal). Super simple pattern:

cast on a multiple of four plus two
*k2, yo, p2tog* across each row

The result is very open and lacey with a vertical series of ladders and bars running down the scarf. Great knitting to tuck in your purse and work on in odd bits wherever since it goes so quickly and there isn't anything to think about. The Silky Wool is soft and luscious and will have an even richer hand once I block it up. Perfect as a gift for someone who had helped us so richly.