Friday, October 07, 2005

Not so many socks

Jane over at Quiddity asked the masses to "Show Me Your Socks." After looking at the vast, colorful stashes that everyone else seemed to have, I rounded up all of mine. This took less than two minutes, including grabbing a basket and the digital camera. As I looked sadly at the pitiful wee heap of socks, I realized why there were so few: I give them all away! I have made countless pairs of baby and toddler socks, all adorning happy, wiggly small toes now and not living in my sock drawer. I have made socks for friends, as barter, and traded socks with people I have never met before. Only recently did I start making socks that actually stayed here. In the basket, from center back around clockwise, are: white, lace, Fixation socks (first pair I made for myself), rose/purple Shaeffer Anne lace socks from my sockapal2za pal (figured these would stand in for the ones I made and sent off in trade), pale blue Baby Cashmerino slipper socks in progress (second pair for me - whoo!), blue Crusoe socks from the last sockapalooza swap (again, standing in for the rainbow socks I sent off), oatmeal colored fluted bannister socks for Dan, and finally deep gray yoga socks also for the Dan of the very cold feet. This was a good exercise - I realize that a) I need to finish those delicious cashmere socks pronto! and b) I need to make more socks that will actually live here.