Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Random finished object

I'm most likely the very last person on earth to pick up a skein of Cotton-Ease, but I finally found some at my local Joann's and had to give it a knit up. At $3 a skein, what's there to lose? So I grabbed a skein of this lavender shade and three more of "blueberry", came home, and stared. Nice yarn. Very soft. Decent colors. What was I going to do with this stuff, anyway? Now the blue I think will be made into a wee sweater of some sort, but what about the sad, lone lavender one? I thought of making dish towels (bo-ring) then decided it should be a hat of some sort. Out came a quick, easy, tried and true pattern and I was off.

Now, the guage was a bit off, but this is a hat I'm thinking, so it should fit someone, somewhere. I like how the cables are a bit smaller and more vertical in nature than on the original hat. Also decided I really didn't like the decreases and devised my own pattern for the crown. Instead of evenly spaced k2togs with plain knitting in between I opted for a left-slanting decrease, p2, k across all knit stitches, p2, repeat across until there were no more knit stitches left. Then I simply continued the same decrease with purls in between. This left a really nice spiral pattern on top that followed the cable pattern nicely.

Now I had no particular plans for this hat when I made it. The color is wrong for me (I look vaguely ill) and I'm surrounded by testosterone in this house. Thinking it will be set aside as an emergency gift item for this winter. We might be moving to a rather different climate (I hope!), so it could come in handy come Christmas time.