Friday, October 07, 2005

Everything's dry dry dry dry dry

I can't get that out of my head.

"The mouth is dry and the throat is dry and everything's dry dry dry dry dry." This was part of a skit on a record I must have listened to hundreds of times when I was little. Bill Cosby at his best, talking about getting his tonsils out in hilarious detail. Right now that snippet is running through my head over and over because the air, my house, my nose, my throat, everything here is so incredibly dry right now. Thanks to the yearly Santa Ana winds, the air seems to crackle with each step I take and sparks fly when I open my mailbox. Pollen and negative ions fill the windy air as well, causing my nose to run and my poor athsma ridden lungs to sieze and wheeze pitifully. These hot, dry winds spur fires across Southern California and raise temperatures and tempers alike (something about the positive ions in the wind seems to affect human temperment in a rather negative way). It's simply a part of living here, but I've never liked the sensation of the Santa Ana winds on my skin, the way the air feels wrong somehow. So each year I simmer water on the stove to add some humidity in the house, use my neti pot religiously to wash out pollen and keep my nose clear, and try to relax and remember that the winds do eventually stop. In the meantime, everything is dry dry dry dry dry.