Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's a sprain

A rather technicolor sprain at the moment. Lots of purple, blues, and greens over the side of my foot. In fact, it would make a lovely yarn colorway, though I'd have to come up with a more appealing name than "Sprain", methinks. Dan's making sure I stay mostly put when he's home and I'm trying to limit going up and downstairs as much as possible. Feeling like a bit of an idiot - who gets hurt stepping down from a freaking curb, for goodness' sake? Also feeling quite glad that I prefer slip-on shoes of all kinds, since I have a plethora of choices that fit my rather swollen foot just fine.

I have a new knitting project, a quick and simple one. I just found out that the wonderful woman who did a Speech and Language evaluation on my oldest last year and later testified at our Due Process hearing against the school district is waving her usual testimony fee. We lost the case (don't even get me started, and yes we are appealing) and she decided we shouldn't have to pay more than our lawyer fees and she's sending us all kinds of information and software so we can work with him at home. I've tried to pay her - she won't accept it. Adding Ruth Bass to my list of wonderful people who I am lucky to have come into contact with, and knitting her something silky and special.

I'll close with a picture of last night's dinner. Yum!